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It was just standing room only at an event of the Compton 125 Historical Society that honored Compton's record - the breaking team of the 1950s and 1960s. The team that broke that record received the recognition of Congress, and some players, including Nelson, were honored for 50 years, and they received the recognition of Congress.

Dwight Taylor, who led Compton High to 32-0 in 1967 and his team to the Coast League Basketball Championship, helped Compton to its first-ever national championship in 1968 after being named to an All-Coast League basketball team at guard position. Hollyfield was part of three NCAA champions at UCLA, and after factoring in Compton High and Compton College, he won 184 games and lost one in the NCAA tournament.

This is an impressive number of AP subjects, putting Compton High School at the top of the schools with the most subjects in the Los Angeles area. The total number of AP subjects is 38, and the subjects are likely to be due to the proximity of the high school to UCLA, UCLA campus, Compton College, the University of Southern California and other colleges and universities. Despite the good numbers for each subject, they leave out some of Compton's most important sports, such as football, basketball and baseball.

Don't worry, there are more sports available and it's possible Compton High has what it takes to fulfil your ambitions. If you are participating in a sport that is not offered by Compton High, you should look for a local non-school team to join. It is possible to take an AP course that you do not offer at Compton Higher, ask your consultant about other options. Once you are supported, you can participate in sports at Compton High.

Next, we will look at what can be done with 1190 and other SAT scores, and find out which colleges are included in our full 1195 SAT Score Guide.

That's a very low SAT score for Compton, putting him in the bottom half of the top 10% of all colleges and universities in California. That is considered well below average, but far above average for a college with the same student population as Compton. Compton has a score of 1190, the lowest of all colleges, and is considered an average for all.

That achievement puts Compton High School in the bottom half of the top 10% of all colleges and universities in California, well below the average of the same student population as Compton.

Unfortunately, this suggests that most students attending Compton High do not perform well and may find it difficult to get into the best colleges. As a school with a particularly high level of poverty, it does not have the resources to reach its full potential.

This problem leaves many in Compton and Long Beach desperate, and some hope for a more immediate solution. Williams raises two children in Long Beach, one of whom plays basketball at Long Beach Poly, Compton's rival. He says he has seen the impact of poverty on his son's basketball career and his family's life.

High schools usually reflect the local population, and Compton High falls into that category. Hispanic students make up the majority of students in California (51.5%), making them the most common ethnic group. A predominantly Hispanic school is the "most common type of homogeneous school," and the ethnicity of these students is probably similar to Compton.

At Compton High School, 27% of students meet or exceed state standards in English. The total number of students at Compton High School is 2,190, making it the second largest high school in the state of California. Compton is one of California's schools that offers girls' sports. Compton High School has about 1,500 female students and about 2,000 male students.

If you want to see how other schools in the area are looking for diversity, you can google the name of the school on prepscholar to find a guide to the particular school. You need to speak to an adviser who can help you find out. Note, however, that the SAT is taken in a small sample size, which could distort your results. To find out the top scores for high school athletes at Compton High School, click here.

Compton High has a homogeneous student body, with the overwhelming majority of students identifying as ethnic. Because of this ethnicity, much of the school does not speak for itself, but probably reflects the surrounding community of Compton.

The ratio of men and women is balanced at Compton High and higher than at most other high schools in the Los Angeles area. This usually means Compton High selects men and women from other schools who have a greater majority of men than women. In this statistic, Compton High has the second highest ratio of male to female students at a public high school in California, behind San Bernardino High School.

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