Compton California Westin Hotel

La Quinta Inn in Buena Park is pet friendly and there is a dog beach within walking distance. El Segundo and Los Angeles Airport are pet friendly, and the dog beaches are located in a residential area where you can walk your dog. There are dog parks, dog walking areas and dog park walkways from the properties.

In the bungalow suites there is a lawn and green areas that can be used for pet deliveries, mats and bowls are available. Bowls and bed treats are available for four-legged guests, but there is no dog park or dog beach within walking distance of the property. There is an outdoor dog parking area with dog parks and dog trails, mats, bowls and treats, as well as dog beds.

Dogs and cats are accepted, but good - pets with behavioural problems may be left unattended in the room. Dogs and pets are allowed in all guest rooms, except the bungalow suites and the room with the best beds, as well as food and water for pets. Dogs and cats are tolerated, however no dogs or cats are accepted in any of the hotel rooms, except those with a dog park or dog beach within walking distance. Well - pets with behavioural problems must be monitored at all times and must not be in a room or in the guest room unattended.

There is no need to include pets in the Guest box when making your reservation, although pet fees may be included. If applicable, the fees are usually displayed on site and the owner's fees at the cash desk.

If you wish to bring a dog or cat and would like to know if pets are allowed, please read the hotel's pet policies before booking. Dog-friendly lists are set by the individual host of the Airbnb accommodation, so please contact the host and read the house rules in your offer. Contact the owner or read the dog and cat policies for the properties of the respective hosts in your area.

The Shore Hotel welcomes two pets of any size, and the Marriott Bayfront Hotel in San Francisco, California, the largest hotel in the Bay Area, can accommodate up to two pets of any size. The Shore Hotel, one of the most popular hotels in Los Angeles County, welcomed dogs and cats, as well as two dogs of all sizes and two cats.

Hilton Long Beach welcomes two pets up to 75 lbs and they are welcomed for an additional fee of $115 per stay. The Hilton San Francisco Bayfront Hotel, the largest hotel in the Bay Area, welcomed two dogs of all sizes and two cats of each size for the same fee as the Hilton, but for a maximum of three dogs and one cat. Suites Los Angeles County, one of the most popular hotels in Southern California, offers two pets over 80 pounds as long as they stay no more than 150 nights. Two pets over 80 lb are welcome, no extra charges and for 100 stays; Two pets over 75 lb are welcome, with no additional charges for 115 stays and three pets under 80 lbs for $100.

TownePlace Suites LAX in Manhattan Beach welcome two pets of all sizes for an additional $100 per stay.

The 17-storey hotel has several restaurants and snacks, including Noe's Restaurant and Bar and Morsel's.

At the casino on site you can play slot machines or join in Play Texas Hold'em Blackjack or Poker. There are a number of amenities to help guests relax and recharge their batteries, including a hot tub, heated pool and fitness center. If you want to soak up the sun or work out quickly, you can also use the fitness centre with sparkling pool. You can also refresh yourself in one of the heated pools in the hotel's spa and wellness area.

A brochure with Loews' Loving Pet services is available at reception, as well as a dog walking service and an animal-friendly dog park.

The park is located on the second floor of the hotel, next to the reception and just a few meters from the lobby. Dogs and cats are allowed in all rooms, but must not be left unattended, unless a pet bed or bowl is provided in the room. There is a designated pet area in each hotel and well-behaved pets can leave a room unattended. Please provide a contact number at reception if you are concerned about the safety of your dog or cat or other pet in your hotel room or car park.

Guests are encouraged to include their pet's name in the Special Requests section and receive a pet from Bark Avenue Bakery upon check-in. Please include a photo of your dog or cat and a description of the pet, as well as the name, address and telephone number of your pet at check-in.

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